Spice Realty provides a unique service to clients from across the world, who have real estate assets in India.  Spice Realty takes over the responsibility to “Manage” the Assets/property. Taking this service further, Spice Realty does the tenancy management for its clients which optimizes the rental income on a regular basis.

Property Management

We assist in :
●General Maintenance of the premises.
●Promotion of the property to the target audience for leasing.
●Comprehensive assistance in leasing including statutory regulations, Police Verifications of tenants, coordination with legal counsels, etc.
●Ensuring timely payments from tenants.
●Quarterly inspection through the tenure of the agreement.
●Pre vacating inspections and reporting to ensure the reinstatement of the premises.

Your Property Manager will maintain your property in mint condition for you when you are away. Your property continues to remain a premium asset and not turn into an expensive maintenance liability. Property management services will help your property attract the best rent or sale price. Your Property Manager will source the best tenant to occupy your property, and maintain a sustained reporting structure, assisting you with promoting the property, negotiation, documentation, and continued support through the tenancy duration. The property management company will hand over and take possession from the tenants on your behalf. Representation: Though you may be miles away, it is as if you are right here in Pune. You are well-represented to all concerned authorities, government agencies, as well as the society meetings, fulfilling all required mandatory obligations on your behalf.

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