Property Location: Charholi Bk Clear
Pride World City Notting Hill Charholi Bk, Pune
Rs. 19,000,000.00

View details Built-Up - 1662 Sq Ft Land Size - 1662 Sq Ft

At Pride World City, we have brought forth Row Houses and marina facing European Twin Bungalows called Notting Hill. It transports you to the affluent district of West London. The designs have followed classical European Architecture that brings an otherworldly charm to this project. With an array of handpicked amenities and a serene marine view, it offers you a slice of Europe to savor.

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Pride World City Kingsbury Charholi Bk, Pune
Rs. 7,892,000.00

View details Built-Up - 980 Sq Ft Land Size - 980 Sq Ft

There are two types of people. One accepts what they find and another is hard to please. They are called perfectionists. Kingsbury is designed for the latter tribe. It offers kingly 3 & 4 RLK for the people who are a class apart. Living has gone a notch higher with extra spacious rooms and unmatched amenities available with this paradise.

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Pride World City Manhattan Charholi Bk, Pune
Rs. 5,480,000.00

View details Built-Up - 726 Sq Ft Land Size - 726 Sq Ft

The glittering high-rises called Manhattan offering spacious 2BHK bears the testimony of discreet architecture with precision. The tallest in the vicinity, the smartest in design, and the grandest in offering comfort. Manhattan is nothing but an example of fine living.

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Pride World City Wellington Charholi Bk, Pune
Rs. 6,016,556.00

View details Built-Up - 780 Sq Ft Land Size - 780 Sq Ft

Ever thought your lifestyle would have the comfort of 110+ amenities? Now it will, at Wellington. 12 acres of premium residential with 7 acres of expansive podium filled with unique amenities never experienced before. Bring back the nostalgia of your past and let your children feel the magic of your olden days.

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